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Answers to Your Questions

Can I get Custom Development?

No. But you can definitely ask for basic customization over the theme you choose on your site, according to your pricing plan.

What information do I need to provide?

You need to provide us the following things for proper site preparation:

  1. Site Name
  2. Logo (if you don’t have, we can design a basic one for you)
  3. Domain & Hosting (You don’t need if you take our monthly ManagedWP Service, you’ll get a domain and a cloud hosting with server management.)
  4.  Chosen Theme Name
  5.  Chosen Demo Pattern
  6. Contact Details e.g: phone no., address and others
  7. Page Contents
  8. Category Lists
  9. Primary Product Details, Only if you need us to do the first upload. We will upload maximum 20 products on each site.

What about Maintenance (or ManagedWP)?

We have ManagedWP as a Combined WordPress Hosting, Maintenance and Monitoring Service. This is a monthly service with AWS Cloud hosting, Backup service and tons of relieving  services for a web admin.

What is Development Hour?

Development Hour is the time our developers will work on your site while developing. This can be for customization or any sort modifications needed to be done by WaliBD.

Am I getting Full Control of my Website?

  • You have control of your domain with you, even if you buy from us.
  • You get cPanel Access, if you get shared hosting from us.
  • You have the control of your Cloud Instance with a Root ID for SSH access, if you get Cloud from Us.
  • You get the full WordPress Admin Privilege.

    So YES you get full control of your website! 

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