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Muhammad Waliur Rahman has won multiple awards for business and entrepreneurship and has worked in the business from a young age. He has a lot of experience in start-ups and well-developed long-running businesses.

At WaliBD Consultancy, we have industry professionals who aim to get you ahead in business by offering award-winning advice and consulting in any matters regarding business practice. Whether you are a start-up business or have been trading for a long time, it is never too late to get advice from people in the know and that can help you take a step in the right direction.

Our consultancy plans and seminars range from budgeting and business plans to full step-by-step guides and advice that are sure to help you get ahead in business and arm you with the tools to make your business venture a successful one.

Why WaliBD Consultancy?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, WaliBD will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion – we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. WaliBD employs a global team of more than 100 skilled developers and consultants who approach every project holistically, giving full around-the-clock attention to understanding our clients’ needs and providing comprehensive, scalable and extensible development roadmaps.

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